• Michael

Gooey Cahill Irish Porter Cheddar Egg Bites

Cahill Creamery in Ireland has been making cheeses for over half a century and the one you have probably seen and been too scared to try is one of my favorite cheeses of all time. Their Irish Porter cheese looks like something you would want to avoid at first, the rich dark veins of Irish porter that give it an almost head cheese like appearance that transfers to your egg bites and gives them a "gooey" appearance that makes eating them fun!

For this recipe you'll need 4 eggs, 1 tblspoon of melted butter (to give it even more decadence!) and 2 ounces of Cahill Irish Porter. To give my eggs the Starbucks like texture I want I melt butter and blend it with the eggs to create an almost batter like experience. If you're not a fan of butter you can also use ricotta cheese. Pour the mixture into you egg bite molds and pop them into your instant pot at high preasure for 8 minutes and allow the steam to release naturally. Serve with some hearty toast and a pint of the Guinness for your very own Irish Breakfast


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