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Furikake Eggs in Seaweed Rolls

Updated: Jan 12

I've been toying with this recipe for a while now. The goal was to somehow incorporate what I love about spam musubi with into an egg bite with out using rice or spam. Not that there is anything wrong with either, I just wanted the challenge. The following is what happens when you try and experiment with a seasoning that can be very difficult to pair.

But first a little about Furikake. Furikake is to Japan what salt and pepper is to the wrest of the world. It consists of lightly roasted seaweed flakes and usually sesame seeds, sometimes a little powdered wasabi and if you are feeling very adventurous, flakes of dried tuna. It is a very special season that you will find any basically any rice dish in Japan and most of Asia.

The problem is, it seems like this was created specifically for Rice. It makes sense, Rice is a filler food that doesn't have a lot of its own flavor. I've seen all sorts of attempts at trying to include it into western dishes. I've seen Furikake burgers, nachos, a furikake carnitas recipe that was actually pretty good. The point is, this is very hard to do and I think eggs can be a good choice for those wanted to use it a new ways

You can't cook you egg bites for the standard 8 minutes that I normally go with, that leaves the a little too firm, I'd recommend going with 5. You'll need:

4 eggs

2 tbsp Furikake seasoning

a cured meat, I went with prosciutto because it had some extra laying around.

egg bite molds

Blend the eggs until they have a nice creamy look, you want the extra fluffiness. Sprinkle in the furikake and gently mix with the eggs, you don't want to blend it all at once otherwise your furikake will get shredded and you don't want that. Pour it into your molds and cook for 5-6 minutes with a natural pressure release.

Now the fun part, you don't have to do this if you don't want to. Take the now fluffy and mysteriously spicy eggs and spread them over a sheet of Nori seaweed, shinny side up! Take your cured meat and and lay it on top of the eggs. Roll it all up, let it sit for a few minutes to allow the Nori to adhere and slice into little rolls. These make a great snack for the beach!




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