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Fiery Sriracha Tinted Egg Bites and Growing Up On Ramen

Sriracha and eggs go together like Trump and Putin. If you have blood pumping through your veins there is a good chance you love Sriracha sauce, even if you've never had it. If you can measure long stretches of your life by the amount of Ramen you were eating, there is a good chance those times also can be measured I'm the amount of hot sauce you put on that very same Ramen.

That was the case for me growing up in Los Angeles, I can remember eating ramen every single day for an entire summer, so naturally I sought out ways to make it better. Hot sauce was my go to until some hero who's name is lost in the ether introduced me to Sriracha Sauce

You have to understand, up until that point I didn't know there were other ways to make things spicy. Tabasco and Cholula were all I know, so what someone put a bottle of Sriracha sauce infant of me, with its weird texture and rooster mascot and foreign writing I thought I was being pranked.

As you can see I make a good breakfast

I am so happy to have been wrong. I'd like to think Sriracha sauce was, in a deeply meta sense, responsible for my interest in food but that sounds too much like a marketing ploy. What I will say is Sriracha became an addiction and once I figured out that weird letters didn't automatically mean nasty food I became way way more adventurous. So its with that in mind (and because the addiction is still real) that I give you these sriracha tinted Swiss cheese egg bites as part of your complete Sriracha breakfast.

Sriracha because...I can't get enough of it (maybe I should get help) and Swiss cheese because...Its what I had in the fridge. I knew it needed cheese to help the texture of the bites (its why Starbucks includes cheese and sour creme in its recipe) and because something had to balance that sweet sweet 'racha sauce. If you've never had Sriracha before, take a chance with these bites. I think they are a little more approchable then Sriracha deviled eggs or Sriracha egg salad.

6 eggs

a good couple squeezes of Sriracha

Swiss cheese (or what ever mild cheese you happen to have)

salt and pepper to taste.

Mix the eggs and Sriracha in a blender (you won't get the right texture unless you really mix up the ingredients). Pour them into you mold of choice. I use these silicon molds in my pressure cooker but you can make it work using a good old fashioned cupcake tray. For pressure cooking set to 9 minutes and let the machine do its thing. Oven baked egg bites should be baked at 350 degrees for 13 minutes.

Sriracha Egg Bites and Avocado

Thank you for reading and enjoy! Also if you're like me and need Sriracha with in arms reach at all times, check out they have what you need!

Thanks for reading!


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