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Double Bacon Egg Bites and Avocado Smashed Toast

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Yes, your eyes have not deceived you that is a jar of bacon grease in the thumbnail. Curious? Afraid? Generally apathetic from surfing the internet all day? If you are any of those things I promise you after reading this post you'll discover a new way to enjoy bacon and eggs.

I came across this by accident, its been a while since I've posted a new recipe, I won't go into the details but the BLUF is my family and I are now in a much more tropical climate (Sorry to my friends back east dealing with the polar vortex!) now that things have settled down I can finally get back to doing what I love. Making eggbite copycat recipes and posting them on the internet to a modest audience!

Where was I? Oh yes, this recipe is a result of not being prepared, if you followed my blog or take the time to go back and read some posts you'll find a standard eggbite mix that I used to get a consistency close to what they make at Starbucks. With out all the preservatives! I was all set with cooked thick sliced bacon, a handful of colby jack cheese (I'm kind of obsessed with it a the moment) and four eggs, but to my shame I had forgotten the ricotta cheese.

Heres what I had to work with

What do I do now? I could put pants on and walk to Wholefoods, but what kind of monster would consider putting pants on at 1pm? Then, as if by some sort of divine providence, I noticed the mason jar we keep next to the stove.

I learned this trick from my mom, she would save grease in a tin can and reuse it, the result was a constant flavor that permeated everything she cooked. Bacon grease? put it in the can, beef drippings? It goes in the can. Sausage liquid of dubious origin? You bet that went in the can. Now as much as I love my mom, I can't mix my greases like that, its 2019 after all. I do keep bacon grease though? Nothing has ever been ruined by making it taste like bacon, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Anyways, I saw this jar of warm bacon grease and said to myself "If it turns our terrible, the internet will never know" So I poured a amount that I can best describe as a "solid bit" into my eggs and blended them on high. The result is the inspiration for this post and something I think is quite special: Double Bacon Egg Bites.

The double bacon comes from the fact that the eggs are blended with bacon grease and bits of cooked bacon are thrown in for good measure, behold the newest twitter bait copycat egg bite recipe:

four large eggs

a "solid bit" of bacon grease (just pour in the grease from cooking the bacon"

four slices of cooked, thick cut bacon

a handful of colby check cheese (you can use what ever cheese you have)

Now this is one very happy accident!

That is it, you don't need anything else as this egg bites will be kind of, runny but stay with me on this, that runny-ness is what makes them special! Pour the pour the blended mixture into your molds and the resulting bites are firm enough to be eaten by themselves or perfectly "spread" onto toast. In this case, I whipped up two slices of multi-grain toast and smashed half an avocado over each. When I places the egg onto them and smashed it the result was pure bliss. I Hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know what you think. I currently experimenting with a double bacon eggbite "spread" stay tuned for that recipe, this time with exact measurements.



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