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Class Up Your Bites With This Caprese Egg Bites Recipe

When a patriotic Italian mason created the dish a century ago, as tribute to his country's flag, the world was changed. Okay, maybe thats a little dramatic, but I haven't met the person who doesn't like a good Insalata Caprese. One thing I discovered while I was in Italy a few years back was that, the ingredients work just as well in an omelette.

I wanted something filling as I had plans to hike the Chinque Terre that day and got very lucky when I found a cafe that made omelettes. When I saw the words "Fritta di Caprese" on the menu I knew I needed I had to have it.

Turns out, that same concept works well in egg bite form

I can see how colors like this can inspire some patriotism! For these you'll follow need

4 Eggs

1/4 cup ricotta cheese

1/4 cup mozarella (I used pearls because they fit well in the mold)

a handful of cherry tomatoes

a couple sprigs of basil

salt and pepper to taste

The ingredients will shift a little while cooking

Blend the eggs and ricotta together along with a couple leaves of basil and pour the mixture into your molds. I prefer to put the tomatoes and basil on top after the pour, If you do this leave a little room. Cook on high pressure for 6 minutes and allow a natural release.

Four of these and you'll be ready to tackle any hike. Thanks for reading!


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