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Try This Bacon Cheddar Egg Bites Recipe

It that time time again my friends, another egg bites recipe and this one is simple, keto friendly and delicious. I think I've perfected the cook time and blend to produce something similar to the pure heroin that Starbucks in putting out these days (Those chicken chorizo need to be put on schedule one!)

Why bacon and cheddar as opposed to a direct Starbucks copy cat you ask? Well as cool as Gruyere is a lot of times people use it because it has a unique name, a nice sharp cheddar has always been bacon's best friend.

Cheddar Bacon Egg Bites

The ingredients should be familiar to you by now, eggs + protein + extra is the usual formula but whats different about these is the use of ricotta in egg mixture. It adds fluffiness and texture that is as close to Starbucks as you can get with out knowing the actual recipe.

For this you'll need

four eggs

1/4 cup riccotta cheese

4 pinches of cheddar cheese

bacon (as much as you want)

salt and pepper to taste

Mix the eggs and ricotta in a blender for one minute. Set the bacon and cheddar in the bottom of your molds and pour the egg mixture in (its okay if it overflows a bit). Place the filled mold in your instant pot and set at high pressure for six minutes (this is the sweet spot) and let the pressure release naturally

Don't they look delicous?

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