About me

So you want to know more about me eh?  Well first off, thank you and second, I apologize in advance.  I'm not a professional chef or an aspiring web influencer.  I don't have a passionate story about my life that has pushed me into the wild world of breakfast food making.  I'm just a regular guy who has an irregular obsession with writing and making egg bites, so why not combine the two?

Still reading?  Okay I guess I can give you a little more.  I'm a veteran soldier who has been lucky enough to do some interesting and frustrating things in my life.  I've travelled all over this world and the one thing I remember consistently is the food I've eaten along the way.  This website is a type of therapy for me, I want to share with you the foods and therefore the people, places and things that have shaped me in life...but in Eggbite form only because, as I said, I have an irregular obsession with them.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. 


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